Business Continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In addition to health risks, COVID-19 threatens the livelihood of business owners and employees worldwide. However, there are solutions to counter the worst of this crisis. Tackling the threat assertively provides organisations with an opportunity to reduce costs, and to improve productivity through better communication and a more flexible workplace. We are fortunate that the technology is available to ride out the storm through remote collaboration with staff, customers, and vendors.

If you do not know where to start then we are available to help you to identify suitable technologies for your organisation. How can we help?


1. Choose the right tools for your needs.


2. Communications Planning for your customers and vendor to help them see the value and grow with you,

3. Business Process Redesign so that your ways of working also adapt – face-to-face processes may need to be refreshed to reflect the opportunities that your new tools provide

4. Staff training and change management, to help them transition,

5. Management training to adjust your senior staff to new forms of leadership.


6. If you decide to implement a solution you can take the lead or we can assist.

Threats create division, but with a positive attitude crisis can unite us.

Avoid misinformation, this link is to official Australian government health advice:

We are your expert advocates

All businesses can benefit from opportunities to generate additional revenue, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

We listen first to understand your business, then provide clear, relevant advice showing how you can obtain the greatest benefit from investment in innovative technologies.

Our focus is on enabling your target outcomes – so we have expertise in several high value areas but do not advocate any one technology.

We also look at the related changes required to enable your success – such as training, change management, and business process redesign.