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OBT Innovation are your expert advocates.

The cost of maintaining a team to continuously monitor developments across best business practice and emerging technologies is difficult to justify.

We offer you the benefit of a specialist innovation team, without the fixed cost.

We will listen carefully to understand your business and share our expertise to help you identify the opportunities where you will receive the greatest benefit.

We are in the relationship for the long term and will provide the candid advice that you need to ensure that every initiative is successful. As we work together and get to know your people, the value we can offer you will increase, enabling us to grow together.

Why OBT? We Listen. Design. Deliver.

There are excellent providers of specialist services. However, you may be unsure which type of technology or business methodology is for you, or you may need a solution that is broader than individual disciplines.

When investment in innovation fails to realise its potential, it is often because:

1. the solution was well implemented but was not the right tool for the challenge,
2. the solution was unable succeed in isolation, without complementary disciplines to support it,
3. the vendor was not able to bridge the gap between their solution, and the customer's internal business processes, responsibilities, and training to integrate the solution in the business, resulting in low staff adoption


OBT Innovation will work with you to identify your needs and constraints, and design solutions that straddle business disciplines and multiple technologies as required.

Even if your focus is a single technological area we can assist as your advocate and translator.

We can prepare and manage a request-for-tender that clearly identifies and communicates your business outcomes as relevant, targeted requirements; utilising an understanding of your perspective, and that of the technical vendor.

We will then manage delivery of the program of work. We will bridge the gap between stakeholders representing your different business functions and the deep subject matter experts within our expert delivery partners. This enables your team to make the solution an integral part of your business

Different disciplines work best when integrated like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

INNOVATION- OUR Areas of Expertise.

At OBT Innovation we believe that the following disciplines offer the greatest value when seen for their potential to interact:

· Organisational Optimisation

This is an ideal starting point because as someone cleverly said, 'automating an inefficient manual process results in an inefficient automated process.'

Your staff hold the insights to reducing the delays, errors, and wasted costs hidden in your business. Whether changing technologies or not, we can help you to reduce friction by refreshing processes, team structures, responsibilities and incentives, data structures, software licenses, and the way that you train, support and learn from your team.

· Extended Reality (XR)

This includes a virtual alphabet soup, but don't be put off. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360 Videosphere (& Audiosphere), all have a lot to offer, and our partners are world leaders.

· Mobile Apps

Why is this under Innovation? App Stores appeared in 2008, and when you discover a really useful App it is hard to imagine life without it. Yet many organisations that offer Apps to their customers or staff fail to achieve user engagement. The right user experience (UX) is a key factor - making them an integrated part of your ecosystem is another.

· Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Devices, Robotics, and Drones

The most comprehensive data and clever software in the world is only of value when it provides information to a user or manages interaction in the real world. Forget the hype, these technologies do two things. They use physical sensors to capture information on your equipment and its physical environment, and they let you (or your friendly AI's) control that equipment. This brings us to the importance of Cybersecurity to protect that information and control, but that's a longer conversation.

· Location contextual experiences applying geographic information systems (GIS)

This can be a real force multiplier that helps you to get more from XR, Apps, and IoT. For example, track your mobile IoT assets for efficiency, security, safety, and knowledge sharing via an App, using AR to display useful digital information to users out in the real world.

· Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

This is more useful and less complex than Skynet and AI Chess. AI applications can be as simple as automating basic processes that consume the valuable time of your expensive staff.  As a multiplier when used with IoT, Machine Learning can train AI's to perform quality control, amongst other things.

· Web and Social Media

These are older than grandpa Simpson, but they should still form a part of your innovation strategy. The internet can be a loved or neglected portal to customers, partner businesses, and your own staff. Now you can manage and deliver XR content, let AI's provide first level support to your customers (even if you're a small business), and share content captured from your IoT devices.

· Enablement and Integration Technologies

These are the aspects of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) that you are already familiar with. They're not as exciting as new technologies but are worth mentioning here because they should be a part of any innovation program.

For example, you may deliver an app to provide guidance to your staff. If you do not see improved efficiency, or reduced safety incidents, you need to know why and what you can do about it. It may be that the content or devices are not suitable, or that staff weren't using them in the first place. You'll only know if you have taken the time to set a baseline, capture data analytics from the app, and create an interface for your Human Resources staff to monitor.

What Next?

If you would like to strip away some of the mystique and confusion surrounding these areas and determine whether they may be relevant to your business, then OBT Innovation are here to help.


We also offer expert contractors with capabilities in:

· Test Design, Management, and Execution

· Business Analysis

· Programme and Project Management